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b r e a k up the s h e l l
we love gingerbreadman's vitality!
9th-Oct-2008 11:57 pm - mweeee
lee hi // bbgurl

thank you so much guys! we really don't see this coming since we're so lazy in updating xD

alright, to show our thanks we're taking up interest requests.
the first 15 people who comment on this post will get 1 interest banner/header made by Stephy (_visualbruises) and 2 interest icons made by me (already) (also sorry, you can't trade icons for another banner/header or vice versa) :D
if you don't know how interest icons/banners work, well basically we will take a look at your profile/userpics and find out what do you like and we'll do the graphics based on that :)

+ no need to provide us with pics, we'll pick them by ourselves
+ for the header/banner, you must tell us the size
+ if you have any disliked colors, preferred text, or any other additional preference etc. you need to tell us also
+ and just a heads up, it'll probably be awhile until we finish them all because we're lazy 8D but we will do them all yesh.

alright, request away guys♥

-Stephy and Irene-

COUNT: 15/15 closed!
4th-Oct-2008 12:35 am - i love holidays =)
yoochun // shining star
I feel like I haven't posted in years >_< Figured I should make use of the long weekend and try to make something in Photoshop again.

This is the most productive I've been since I started work. I mean who wouldn't be motivated by the DBSK comeback *squeals*

Dedicated to already because she requested the SHINee wall and she's been keeping this comm alive while I've been uninspired <3

1 동방신기
1 SHINee

you're my melodyCollapse )
18th-Sep-2008 10:37 pm - small batch is small.
lee hi // bbgurl
oh hay der. have some Mirotic gif icons? 8D

blame Junsu's oral fixation on these. also, my first time doing gifs, so excuse the crapiness of them D:

i was planning on doing more, but there's only so much you can get from a 33 second teaser (WHICH IS OSM BTW). plus making gifs is tiring =3=

1-11 DBSK Mirotic

under my skinnnCollapse )
5th-Sep-2008 12:50 am - multifandom eeeee.
lee hi // bbgurl
LONG TIEM NO POST ('whotf is this???!?' you say? it's airinojoo with a rename :'D)

laziness kills. but here i am, with a new batch 8Dv less dong-bang infested BNR, a bit more diverse, mostly because i got distracted with SHINee, Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney *insert sparkles here*. this batch was supposed to have 100ish icons, but i have short attention span and zero patience, so post them i deed. there're also some (remakes of) old banners. if anyone wants me to put text on them or resize, just holla :3

... and topless DBSK, just because 4TH JIB OMFG *EXCITED* 8D (okayokay, shutting up.)

dedicated to ddreaming, because she's inspirational♥

1-8 Yoon Eun Hye, Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, Hyun Joong (SS501), Lee Hyori
9-12 SHINee
13-19 Kim Tae Hee, Shin Ae
20-23 CSJH The Grace, Robert Pattinson, Ben Barnes
24-48 DBSK

+ wallpapers of DBSK, Daniel Henney
+ headers and banners of DBSK and CSJH The Grace

replay replay replay--Collapse )
23rd-Aug-2008 11:44 am - :D/
lee hi // bbgurl

fire awaayy, anon comment allowed :)
11th-Jun-2008 07:47 pm - icons + wallpaper: dbsk
lee hi // bbgurl
This batch is a product of boredom. I'm sick but productive harhar. Been doing some coloring experiment and toying around with layers in black and white icons. Hopefully they came out decent :D

36 DBSK icons
1 DBSK wallpaper

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

doushite?Collapse )
31st-Mar-2008 09:50 pm - icons: multifandom
lee hi // bbgurl
Finally! askjfhgfj; *cries*

Yes peeps, first public icon batch on LJ after 1 year of posting access /fails. You can see the noobness and the fug coloring experiments harharr. Sorry Stephy for taking so long (DON'T HATE ME *clings*), I'm such a lazy bum.

              [01 - 44] DBSK
              [45 - 47] Horikita Maki
              [48 - 56] Arashi


won't you, try my loveCollapse )

.. and feel free to look around. We have other types of our graphics posted in the comm, just some things we do in our spare time more like Stephy giving me photoshop lessons lol 8DD
25th-Mar-2008 11:42 pm - Wallpaper collab: DBSK
yoochun // shining star
Yay for the first proper post! Irene and I have been working on a few collabs/battles since Jan so we have quite a bit of stuff to post XDDD

First off is this wallpaper collab of DBSK.
I bet you all saw that coming. As if there isn't enough of them at our journals :P

Hope you like them.
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